Partner Day Part Deux

AO: The Rubicon

When: 03/19/2019

QIC: Devito

PAX (12): Tribec, Lowes, Top Hat, McDreamy, Bo Knows, Pinky, Spots, Zima, Lumberg, Special K, Miller Time, Devito


5:29, 12 PAX gathered at the flag for the start, but where’s the Q?  Won’t name any names, Mayhem. No worries, F3 Alpha is never without a Q.


Kicked off with a mosey over toward the flagpole while quickly thinking up some evil for the morning. Even numbers … partner day remix. Circle around the flagpole for IC SSH, weedpickers and imperial walkers.

The Thang:

Partner up. Partner A stays by the flagpole and does merkins. Partner B runs to the planters, does 15 dips and runs back. Flapjack. 3 sets of dips each partner. Gather and head over to the base of FOD hill. New partner. Partner A does flutter kicks. Partner B runs up the hill, does 15 squats and then back down. Flapjack and 3 sets each. Mosey over to the building between fields. New partner. Partner A does BTTW while Partner B holds air chair and counts to 30. Flapjack and 3 sets each. Finally we head over onto FOD and gather at home plate. New partner. DORA time. 100 diamond merkins, 200 lunges, 300 LBCs. Partner A does the exercise while Partner B runs the bases. Flapjack til complete. Back to the flag for a brief set of American hammer.


Paraders for transitions underway in the lives of some of our PAX.

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