AO: The Gladiator

When: 03/21/2019


PAX (15): DefConII, Mufasa, Saint20, Pellets, Spandex, Sox, Stroller, Delicious, Brownie, Moonshine, Kegger, Scrum, Renegade, Black Box, M.T.


A full moon morning in the gloom at the Gladiator was a welcome site.  A little pre game setup and the pax started rolling in including some pre runners.  3 outsiders in total joined the regular ranks.


Warm up was a lap around the soccer field and a mid field convergence for some SSH, Mercans, Hillbillies and WP’s

The Thang:

Waiting for the crew on the fenceline was a pre engineered Board of Pain with built in LED (Thanks Devito) and paired with a booming sound system.   Pax found partners of opposite speed and we split the 16 BOP exercises in Half which the partners were instructed to share.  After each of the 16 exercises were completed, a half soccer field lap was completed as a pair.  The immediate goal was to get some pairs completed at the 45 Minute mark but hoping everyone would get a trophy.  Hard work was had and motivating music was cranked (Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aerosmith, Janes Addiction, Allman Bros, Green Day, SEven Mary 3).  In the end we had at least one pair (Mufasa/Spandex) who completed but I suspect a few others.  Most were on the last set or two so we were only a few minutes short.

One pair stayed on the field for some extra credit but finally gave in to the Q’s call


Rallying call for support to this weekends Atlanta Launch – They need support every week moving forward so please consider signing up to Q

Reminder about The Tillman Run and the post race food option

Naked-Man Moleskin:

DC2 once again lived up to his moniker with form correction!  Always helping the Q when an exercise is confused or maybe it was a test?

Lot’s of solid committed men at this AO ready to put in the work.

Appreciate the coffee service station Spandex has mastered.  This idea has spread.

An honor to finally Q the Gladiator and earn the coveted Pocket Gladiator.

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