No Oars But The Show Must Go On

Q:  Fireballs

Pax:  Leon, Scout, Fizz, Manhole, Madoff, Billboard, Brass Monkey,

Oars was meant to Q but the rowing coach had a better idea so you got me instead.  Let’s roll then……

The Thing.

Mosey warm up lap followed by Toy Soldiers, High Knees, Butt Kickers down the parking lot and back.

SSH, Imp. Walkers, Wind Mills, Mountain Climbers, Merkins  – all IC x 10 and rinse & repeat.

Run to Dunwoody Knoll for some Cul du Sac fun.  Run to end of each Cul du Sac and do Don’t Taze Me Bro Squats (hands up) OYO  x 10 then Eight Count Body Builders OYO x 10.  3 Sacs to the top of the hill for another round then 3 Sacs back for another round at finish.  8 sets in total and some hill runs made for a pleased crowd.

Run to Wynterhall Swim club for Mary:   Low Dolly, LBCs, Heels to Heaven, Freddy Mercury, Dying Cockroach,  American Hammer, Plank, Southern Gentleman, Yankee Aggressor.

Run through Wyntercreek to back entrance of DNC.  Run to House of Pain for Dips IC x 10.  Rinse & Repeat.  Mosey to stumps for 11’s:  Step Ups and Derkins.

Mosey to road for Bear Crawls and Crab Walks half way up hill.  Now out of time so high tail it back to Austin for COT.

Nice take out by Leon.

Coffee as usual.

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