Somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle

AO: Firehouse

When: 03/14/2019

QIC: Reuben

PAX (6): Howser, Picker, Snowden, Fudd, Skynyrd, Reuben


The weather could not have been more perfect and this YHC was ripe for a beatdown! As I pulled up to the The Firehouse, I could see the a faithful group of PAX ready to be invigorated! The return of both Howser and Snowden brought new life to the AO this am and I could not keep any PAX waiting! Let’s mosey ya’ll!


Mosey down to lower lot to grassy area between the two fields for warm-up:

  • SSH
  • Copperhead squat
  • Imperial walker
  • Copperhead merkin
  • Moraccan nightclubs


The Thang:

Quick side step to Field C for some fun on the field.  We started off with some ALARM’s to get our blood pumping. 2 rounds total:

  • Alt shoulder taps x 20
  • Lunges x 20
  • LBC’s x 20
  • Run the width of field regular and Bernie Sanders back
  • Merkins x 20

Round 2

    • Alt shoulder taps x 20
    • Lunges x 20
    • V-ups x 20
    • Ranger merkins x20
    • M’aktars x 20

Head over to the end zone for a Belching routine.  This would be fun and exciting routine for everyone:

PAX gets in single file flat on their backs.  When Q says go, the PAX runs 10 yds and then lays flat on backs again. Q in front then calls out various core and upper exercises. YHC started the fun with J-Lo’s and merkins both IC.  After finishing, the Q will stay low to keep clear of enemy fire.  Each PAX would have a turn with this until we got 100 yds! Good work boys!

Our final routine would be our grand finale! It has been said that many a PAX have gotten lost in the Bermuda Triangle.  This routine would be no different.  3 corners of burpees at 5-10-15 reps ending back where we started with 5 reps.  The catch is that you must do bear crawl between corners.  Some of the PAX may have gotten distracted, or dare I say it fatigued including YHC, but we all pushed through.  No merlot was spilt during our excursion into the unknown.

Mosey to the big hill for desert! 11’s it is, and The PAX get to pick excercises! We landed on overhead claps at bottom and squats at the top!

With time to spare and plenty of mumble chatter, we headed over to the rock pile for some coupons.  Circle up for some curls:

  • 15 upper half IC

move 2 coupons to the right

  • 15 lower IC

Quick stroll back to the flag for Mary which consisted of 50 LBC’s IC for 100 total.


  • Prayers for Snowden and Pickers friend dealing with Lukemia
  • Overall good health for PAX and family.



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