Snowden Returns!!

AO: Firehouse

When: 03/12/2019

QIC: Fudd

PAX (4): Snowden, Picker, Skynyrd, Fudd


Pulling into the AO this morning it was nice to see a white Chevy other than mine…Welcome Back Snowden. Fresh off sinus surgery he was up for the task in the gloom this morning. Covered in fog but not too cold as we headed off on our mosey…


Lap around parking lot then circle up for:


Abe Vigodas

Imperial Walkers

Weed Pickers

Chest Openers

The Thang:

We moseyed off to the lower lots after warmorama for the main beatdown…

All PAX grab a parking spot line and hold a plank for a Pax Inchworm of Pain. Last Pax completes 10 LBC’s then sprint to next available stripe to regain plank and send the next PAX on his way. We worked past 2 medians.

Back to center of lot where each PAX grabbed a median for a round of Wheel of Merkins. 10 incline merkins, rotate 90 degrees for staggered merkins, rotate another 90 for decline merkins, last rotation for staggered merkins.

Now that we were warm we headed to the soccer field for some 11’s, but before the pain could start Skynyrd brough up our fellow brother Waterbug and his PAX’s request for 45 burpees as a tribute. We gathered at midfield and busted them out. RIP Waterbug.

On to 11’s, with a 50 yard run in place of the hill. Point A is diamond merkins, point B star jumps.

Indian run back to the flag for what the PAX thought was Mary, until YHC squeezed in one more round of Wheel Of Merkins for good measure upon returning to the flag.

Time for some Mary:


Ankle Reaches





Prayers for Waterbug and his family.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Nice to see Snowden back in the fold, looking forward to Ikea’s return next week and continued growth as we enter (hopefully) warmer weather.

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