Snake’s RQ

AO: Big Creek

When: 03/12/2019

QIC: Snake

PAX (11): Whiz, Swiper, Bell, The Body, Hammer, McDuff, Inseam, Dumpster, Badger, Bartman


After many months without taking up the Q, it was time for the Return Q of Snake.


The beatdown began with a short mosey and warmup consisting of SSH, Good Morning, Imperial Walker and Suns Gods.

The Thang:

After getting warm, we took a short mosey to the Skate Park and partnered up. All PAX started in the Bowl. While partner 1 knocked out LBCs, Partner 2 ran up the side and out of the bowl to complete 25 plank jacks before returning and swapping out with their partner. This pattern continued 25 mountain climbers and 25 Freddy Mercury’s had been completed by all.

Next we moseyed to the F3 Pavillion for a little bench beatdown:


Step ups


Hop ups

25 each x 2 sets

Another short mosey and we arrived at another Fowler Park Favorite – the Racoon Crawl! All PAX completed the crawl and we moseyed on to the soccer field.

We circled up and Whiz shared about Waterbug (Farrell Talbert), a PAX from F3Hartsville who passed away this weekend. To honor him each PAX knocked out 45 burpees for a total of 495.

We took an Indian run back to the flag and finished the beatdown with a little Mary: American Hammer, Swimmers, and Crunchy Frog.



We ended our time lifting up prayers for Waterbug’s family and friends as well as Hammer who has a race this weekend.



Naked-Man Moleskin:

Today we tied the Big Creek record with 11 PAX. Grabbed a pic to capture the moment!

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