Return from the Dead

AO: The Galaxy

When: 03/07/2019

QIC: Chelsea

PAX (6): Venus, Blue, Percy, Yahtzee, Babyface


Late night Wednesday and YHC still hadn’t solidified the plans for misery. Time to leave the house and a plan came to mind. The plan, however, was contingent on whether there were cards to be found at a store that was open at 5am. Cue the local QT – FOR. THE. WIN. – Picked up a fresh pack of playing cards and formulated the attack.

5:30 and we moseyed. Not long as per the usual beat down, but enough to get warm on a 26 degree morning.

Warm ups
Each of the PAX picked an exercise and we were off.

Started in a shoulder to shoulder line and placed the cards about 5 yards front and center. Face cards represented 10 reps and there was plenty of mumbling about the changes.
Hearts = Merkins
Clubs = BBS
Spades = Monkey Humpers
Diamonds = Wind Sprints

There was sweat, foot races, and a welcome reception.

Thanks for joining me in the Gloom.

Until next time.

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