Grunge Rock 200

AO: The Wreck

When: 03/11/2019

QIC: Virginia Slim

PAX (23): Aflac, Devito, Squeak, Jackalope, Raider, DD, Tubbs, Chalupa, Ariel, Ozzy, Crab Legs, Rooney, Foley, Hat Trick, Goat, Bayside, Squeegie, Swamp Donkey, Miller Time, Manchester, Bieber, Switch


After arriving a little early to place the truck full of coupons in the parking lot next to the football field, and after placing the Beatdown Board of Pain in its proper location with a musical speaker next to it, Aflac picked up Virginia Slim to go post the flag.  It is well-known that Virginia Slim brings the low-mosey coupon workout nearly each and every time, Slim did not want to disappoint.

With 5:30 am approaching and mumble chatter of Slim’s previous Double Deck of Death workout in the not so far past, Slim knew to “bring it” today.




At 5:30 am Slim starts the mosey along the path to the field.  A small stint of left side stride for a bit–then back to mosey–then a right side mosey for a bit– then a mosey to the parking lot.  Circling up, Slim knew there was little time to waste and keeping these strong pax from the Cinder beatdown was eating at him, so after 20 SSH’s each grabbed a Cinder out of Slims truck and partnered up  The Pax headed to the goal line for the much-anticipated instruction.

The Thang:

Instructions to the Pax were as follows:

One pax does the exercise as the other partner farmer-carries both Cinders to the 50-yard line and runs back. When partner returns, the pax doing the exercise runs and retrieves the cinders and brings them back to the goal line while the other partner continues to count the reps. Reps are combined count.

The exercises are done as follows:

200 Merkins

200 Big Boy Situps

200 Prisoner Squats

200 LBC 2-count

200 Stone Mountains

200 Mountain Goats (killed it with that one)

200 Hillbillies

The speaker was loud enough for just a handful of pax to feel the effect of the in your face 90’s grunge that Slim was looking for. The disappointment was an understatement as far as Slim was concerned.

Song list was as follows:

Bulls on Parade – RATM

Sabotage – Beastie Boys

Today – Smashing Pumpkins

Once – Pearl Jam

Outshined – Soundgarden

Welcome to Paradise – Green Day

Self Esteem – The Offspring

Jane Says – Janes Addiction

Blood Sugar Sex Magic – RHCP

With 4 minutes remaining,  Slim calls it and has all coupons returned to his truck. All pax mosey back to the flag for a quick 20 count for the ever-so-popular, Aflac Diamond Merkins.





Coffee after

Prayers for Chalupa’s Mom



Naked-Man Moleskin:

As always, it is a great honor to lead you men in the workout. It makes me excel in what I do and want to always to bring my best game. Thanks for the brotherhood and SYITG.

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