Enter Sandman

AO: Atlas

When: 03/12/2019

QIC: SmackDown

PAX (2): I-Beam



The Sandman had me in a choke hold last week, but I wasn’t going to let an “alarm issue” keep me out of the gloom this morning. I was up and ready to roll to Atlas with some KB fun for all. PAX was a little slim this morning, hope Rubicon enjoyed the Wreck invasion, but we picked things up and put them down… a lot.


It’s awkward as hell calling cadence and rep counts with two people, but yeah, we did it.

Imperial Walkers
Windmills. Slow. Windmills
Toy Soldiers
With our KB’s: Hip Halos,¬†Figure 8’s & Halos

The Thang:

Cue up Metallica’s Black Album and it’s time to get started.

AMRAP 2 Minutes
– KB Swing

AMSAP 8 Minutes
– 10 Single Arm Curl
– 12 Goblet Squat
– 15 Triceps Curl

AMSAP 8 Minutes
– 10 Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift
– 12 Single-Arm Chest Press
– 15 Dragon Flags

AMSAP 8 Minutes
– 10 Over-Head Lunge
– 12 Double Clean & Press
– 15 Single Arm Rows

AMRAP 2 Minutes
– KB Swing

– Flutter Kicks
– Kobes
– Dying Cockroach
– LBC’s
Probably more, but I-Beam called it and I was still recovering from the second round of KB swings.


Thin numbers this morning, you are welcome Rubicon! I’m digging the low mosey at Atlas. It’s great variety from the traditional beatdown. Maybe we need a Music Q as well?

Always a pleasure to lead!


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