Box Jump Bonanza

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 03/09/2019

QIC: Pellets

PAX (8): Miller Time, Devito, Jackalope, Pinky, Trebek, Squirtle, Zohan


After cutting the Pax short on promise for 200 box jumps at the infamous stadium steps of the Widowmaker it was time to finish what we started.


15 count SSH

15 count Hillbillies


The Thang:

After the warm up we hit the trails for a mosey on the way to The Widowmaker.   En route we stopped for 2 rounds of Mucho Chesto before our descent to the bottom.  Great banter on the way down with Jackalope inquiring to Devito “what are ascending testicles”?  Not on the original plan but the Q took a flyer and we did a round.

Quick mosey back to the starting line and we ran backwards up the Widowmaker until Q calls out to move forward and then sprint down until Q calls back again.  We made it through several back and forth and then collected the Pax at the bottom.

From there the next exercise was to run backwards up to the manhole (50 yd line of Widowmaker) and do 10 burps.  We did this 2X and the last trip up the Widowmaker to the top has us hammer out 15 Derkins off the hand rail.

We moseyed back to the stadium area for a round of Dora and our date with 200 box jumps.  The Dora was:

  • 100 Dips
  • 200 Box Jump
  • 300 Squats (running short on time and cut down to a gentle 100)

At the end of each switch the running partner exited stage left and knocked out 10 Irkins and then ran around the gazebo out to the parking lot and back. I did notice slow running back to help out partners while we were doing the box jumps.  Each man hoping his buddy had hammered out a few dozen per turn.

After the Dora we split up in 2 wave groups and did calf raises up the steps.

Few minutes to spare 25 big boy step ups and then 25 dips before a spring bag to the flag.




Great work by Zohan to gather the items for kits for No Longer Bound.

Prayers for each Pax to attack the day ahead with the vigor that God placed in each of us and to have a positive impact on all of those we come in contact with.

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