Back to School

9 faithful, fartsackless souls got a taste of 180 today. Sleeper called me last night to inform me, unfortunately, he would miss posting, but please try to hit 140 merkins for him. (He is on his way to 5000 for a challenge, I believe). The PAX: Manhole, Chain Gang, Leon, Fizz, Madoff, SnakeOil, Richochet, Rambo, GreenBean (Q). After initially planning to circle DHS for a mosey warm-up, I we saw Richochet pull in. So I pulled a 180 in the parking lot and ricocheted the PAX past him, as well as the bicycling Chain Gang to pick them up for

The Thang:
follow me out Womack entrance, turn left, circle up at 1st townhome entrance on left for:
10 merkins IC
follow me to Dunwoody Elementary School entrance for:
10 Low slow squats IC
follow me to GA State University upper parking lot deck for:
10 SSH’s
10 standing lunges
15 MC’s IC
Next- run up to top of parking deck stopping at each corner for 10 merkins (OYO), according to SnakeOil, he thinks it was 10 turns.
On your six for:
Mason Twist x 20 IC
Freddy Mercuries x 20 IC
follow me down staircase, then back up hands up.
more mary:
LBC’s x 20 IC
Box cutters x 20 IC
Low leg raises x 20 IC
Partner up for:
Wheelbarrow to other end. Nice work Rambo and Snake Oil!

back down stairs out of deck to send level
run back to DES entrance, nice running by Manhole!
Circle up for merkins x 10 IC
back up to townhome entrance, acrosss st. for merkins x 10 IC
run back to shovel flag, solid work by Madoff and Chain Gang
circle up for remaining merkins:
I thought we were at 120 and needed just 20 more, so we did 20. Fizz nicely pointed out that 20 4-count merkins IC is actually 40. (I believe we were actually at 160 single counts, so finished at 200!).

Solid work by all. Grateful to have you guys pushing me as motivation.


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