You sure about that?

AO: The Hooch

When: 03/11/2019

QIC: Scrooge

PAX (20): Pooh-Bear, Popper, Jimbo (tenderfoot), Tigger, Homer, Hamburglar, Puff-daddy, Meatball, Zohan, Feathers, Boomer, Piggy, Sunshine, Juggs, Ready-mix, Ball-boy, Sneakers, Saint2o, Splinter, Scrooge


It had been a little while since YHC had the Q at the Hooch as our recent growth has allowed for a nice rotation of Qs.  So, YHC decided to make up for some lost time and give the new RNGs something to mumble chatter about…


Disclaimer given and a quick mosey around the PL and circle up.  20 PAX showed up today so we had to spread out a little more than usual.  Started off with:

  1. SSH’s
  2. Weed Pickers
  3. Imperial Walkers
  4. 10 OYO Hand release Merkins

Once the six was in, we mosey’ed over to the JCHS sidewalk.  Thankfully it was lined with light posts, giving excellent reference points some some exercises.

Thang 1

We lined up at the end of the side walk and the task was bear crawl from the street to the bridge, but at every light post stop and do 5 burpees.  Once you arrived at the bridge, broad-jump across the bridge and plank for the six.  After my initial explanation, a few “you sure about that?” were uttered…   It was a crowd pleaser for sure.  A couple different ab exercises while we waited for the six and we moseyed to the JCHS entrance for Thang 2

Thang 2

Since today was the 11th, YHC decided we needed to do 11’s.  First exercise was Hand-release merkins and the opposite exercise was jump squats.  The twist was on the way up the hill, you had to stop and do 5 monkey humpers.  While we waited for the six, there were V-ups, LBCs and Reverse LBCs.

We moseyed back down the JCHS sidewalk and stopped for a few merkins to collect the six and made our way back towards the flag for some Mary.


We finished off the morning with some Reverse LBCs, American Hammers, LBC Flutters, Annie and an AYG run to the other side of the PL and back to the flag.

All the PAX pushed to their limits and got stronger.


Prayers for multiple brothers out with various injuries, our own El Matador on his way back state-side with a new 2.0 and prayers for intentionality in our lives as we seek to be HIM.

Always an honor brothers.





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