it’s Da’ Bomb!

AO: Big Creek

When: 03/07/2019

QIC: @F3_Swiper

PAX (8): Swiper, Olaf, Whiz, Snake, McDuff, Inseam, Bell, Spit Valve


YHC tried to rattle up a return Q last night, but was a bit too late on the cast and didn’t get any bites.  Not a problem, as there are plenty of Beat-downs to mix and match from.  Here’s one…


Mosey to the crossroads for Mary, all IC:


Imperial Walker

Good Morning

Morocan Night Club

The Thang:

Mosey to the top parking lot for some BOMBS with a twist!  This time, we are going to partner up, but the PAX who runs (Partner A) is also doing the exercise while Partner B alternates some leg exercises back at home plate:

Round 1;

Each PAX does 50 burpees

other alternates Rosie’s, Dolly’s, Flutters

Round 2:

Each PAX does 50 overhead claps

other alternates Rosie’s, Dolly’s, Flutters

Round 3:

Each PAX does 25 Merkins

other does LBC’s

Round 4:

Each PAX does 25 Big Boy Sit up’s

Alternate does reverse pickle pounders

Round 5:

Each PAX does 50 Squats

Alternate does side plank dips

Mosey to the coupon pile for 2 rounds of Colt 45’s:

Round 1: Full curls, OHP, Skull Crushers

Round 2: Rows, Swings, Chest Press

Indian Run back and around the track to the flag for Alphabet before we ran out of time


  • Prayers for the family of Bell’s neighbor who just went to be with the lord after a year long battle with cancer.  He asked for his family to celebrate his life with a day at Disney World.
  • Whiz has a free pass for the Lanier Islands race on Saturday.  Hit him up if interested
  • Good Friday beat down at 4:30 AM in downtown Alpharetta, celebrating the stations of the cross.  Watch Twitter and Slack or reach out to Ha-Ha for further details

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