49 No Respect

AO: The Hooch

When: 03/04/2019

QIC: Ready-Mix

PAX (18): Flo, Boomer, Piggy, Splinter, Ball-boy, Pooh-Bear, Homer, Stickers, Church-Lady, Juggs, Hamburgarlar, Tigger, Dawn, Meat Ball, Popper, Sunshine, Scrooge, Ready-Mix


In honor of our last pre-50 BD for our own Splinter, we had a 49-theme.  Started with light mosey with intermittent warm-up exercises.  “Main Course” included 5-set cumulative total of 49 Burpies with plenty of running, Bernie Sanders and Bear Crawls in between.  The PAX attempted unsuccessfully 3 or 4x Perfect Side Straddle Hops, until victory in set number 5.  Next performed 69 Diamond Merkins with runs in sets of 20 (or 19) – in honor of Splinter’s birth year of 1969.  Finished with Indian Run and Suicides back to the Flag.

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