Who’s In Charge Here?

AO: The Wreck

When: 03/01/2019

QIC: SmackDown

PAX (27): Zima, Switch, Foley, Telsa, Jackalope, Divot, Yankee, Tubs, Tweaker, Deadbeat, Chalupa, Sprocket, Squeak, Grease Monkey, Squeegee, DD, Goat, Sell Out, Bayside, Hat trick, Rooney, Bieber, Pellets, Swamp Donkey, Miller Time, Aflac,


I’m not proud of it, but six months had gone by since my last Q. Yeah, it was definitely time to get  back in the driver seat. I knew I visited the ole Wreck Q Schedule and put my name down for a spot in March, but 100% forgot it was March 1. You would think that this is pretty easy. The Q sheet feels up quick so you have to reserve a spot a month out. A few weeks go by, you forget you signed up, yada yada yada. However, one of my responsibilities with The Wreck is to put out the weekly Q Schedule on @F3TheWreck (follow us if you haven’t). A responsibility I completely overlooked last week because I was on the road with work. Needless to say, I had no idea why Aflac cared when my last Q was and couldn’t figure out why the QIC was starting late… it all became clear at 5:31 a.m. and 27 PAX followed me into the gloom for a beat down I made up as we went along.


We mosey up to the next parking lot of The Wreck and circle up. Good thing there were no new guys, I wouldn’t have remembered the disclaimer.

Toy Soliders
Imperial Walkers
Sweat Angel

The Thang:

Mosey to the top BBM (Brother Bear Mtn.) for some Simple 7’s
– 1 Burpee at the to top, then 6 Big Boy Sit-ups when you reach the bottom
– Run to the top for 2 Burpee’s, then 5 Big Boy’s at the bottom
– Continue running up/down until you have 6 Burpee’s at the top & 1 Big Boy at the bottom
– Mary for the six

Mosey to the football field and partner up. DD likes his partners close, really close…

Catch Me If You Can sponsored by Aflac
– Abagnale starts back-peddling around the perimeter of the field while Hanratty does 10 merkins then sprints to catch Abagnale.
– Once caught, Abagnale drops for 10 merkins then sprints to catch Hanratty who is back-peddling around the field.
– Back and fourth continues until the pair completes 200 total merkins

Circle of Pain
PAX circle-up at the 50 yard line. Rooney tried to run over Hat Trick so he calls out the first exercise for the PAX to complete while he sprints/jogs/crawls around the circle. We do five exercises then bear crawl one rotation of the circle. PAX continues calling exercises. We did Squats, Sweat Angels, Bonnie Blair’s, Romanian Dead Lifts, Dying Cockroaches, Box Cutters, Merkins, Monkey Humpers, Diamonds, Wide Merkins and much more that I can’t remember.

Getting close to time, so we mosey back to the flag.

Mary for the six, then time expires.


Prayers for Tweaker’s Dad, seems like good news already, Sprocket’s sister & Rooney’s friend.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I hope everyone got what they came for. Next time I’ll take a few minutes to plan it out. Always a pleasure gentleman!


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