The Bolshoi Ballet visits the Gladiator

AO: The Gladiator

When: 02/28/2019

QIC: Scar

PAX (15): Spandex, Puddle Jumper, Moonshine, Defcon 2, Viking, Sox, Renegade, Stud Finder, Wika Wika, Black Box, Mufasa, Saint 2 O, Kegger, Delicious,


Just in case we forget who we are


Mosey with our cinder to the sight of the Bolshoi Ballet!

The Thang:

I decided it was a good way to end this month. With all that was going on with our no sugar challenge, no better way to kick February to the curb than a good old fashioned beat down.

I pulled some ideas from the old #Ironpax challenge added some time limits, some really good Russian hard bass electronic dance music and came up with the Bolshoi ballet.

OK so the music was not very ballet but after some hesitation and various pax asking what the hell that noise was we settled into a rhythm.

So 4 minute sets with a 1 minute rest in between, every 25 reps a sprint/mosey out and back. 8 exercises dominated this board –

  • Thrusters
  • Lunge Step
  • Curls
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Kettle Bell Swing
  • Burpee Block Jump
  • Goblet Squat
  • V Up

The men of Gladiator really pushed themselves during this workout and showed how far they have come and how far they could go. I intended to make this hard to allow us all to set a fitness level for March and improve and push ourselves.

Just enough time to mosey back to the flag with our cinder and call it.


Thank you to these men for allowing me to lead them today and pushing each other to get better physically and mentally. Remember to sign up for the Pat Tillman run, Sox is our fearless leader organizing this. Information is on the slack channel and Gladiator Facebook page.

Prayers for everyone today dealing with everything life throws at us.


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