Rainy Frogger

AO: Hog Wallow

When: 02/28/2019

QIC: Bronco

PAX (11): Aflac, Bieber, Sprocket, Swamp Donkey, Squeak, Squeegee, Bear, Foley, Goat, Smackdown


No sleep + Pain the neck (literally) + lack of google maps use = an interesting Hogwallow morning.

The Thang:

Laying off The Wreck all week long YHC was ready for a good, long, steady run.  The problem was that I was researching routes at 3AM when I couldn’t get much sleep.  11 Pax showed up in typical fashion (from all sides of the parking lot – some running, some driving and some sneaking) then we head straight down Crabapple past the fire station in what i thought would be a nice big 5.5 mile loop.  We turn right on Strickland and then right on Hollyberry and that’s where it got interesting.  Plenty of mumblechatter from the co-Q’s in the rear on lack of sidewalks (and abundance of speedy vehicles) right when the rain got goin’ – which also got the smirk on my face goin’.  But in all seriousness good to see everyone being safe and watching out for the group.  We finally come back around and down Hwy 9 to make the final push through the grave yard and clocked just short of 5.5 and a little over an 8 min/mile clip for 11 guys – impressive.


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Naked-Man Moleskin:

This group never ceases to impress me.  I get pushed harder every time and it’s one of the more consistent groups out there.  Always appreciate the support and extra effort!

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