Lazy Double Dora

AO: Big Creek

When: 02/28/2019

QIC: McDuff

PAX (6): Olaf, Spit Valve, Inseam, Hammer, Badger, McDuff


YHC woke up and was surprised it was not raining but was expecting it and planned accordingly.


Mosey to the front parking lot for a warm-up near the coupon pile:

SSH x 15 IC

Wind Mill x 15 IC

Weed Pickers x 13 IC

YHC dropped his phone again during SSH.  Hammer informed me that my Weinke keeps falling out.




The Thang:

Thang 1:

Partnered up for a Lazy Dora under the Dome

Partner 1 holds legs up 6 in off ground while Partner 2 does 25 of 100 Merkins and trade until complete

Partner 1 holds Al Gore while Partner 2 does 25 of 200 Skull Crushers and trade until complete

Partner 2 holds Plank while Partner 2 does 50 of 300 Squats and trade until complete

Rinse and Repeat with an audible.  Partner 1 runs around playground since its not raining while Partner 2 does the following:

Overhead Press x 100

Curls x 200

LBCs x 300

Trade until complete

Thang 2:

Mosey to deposit coupons and on to the F3 Pavilion

3 sets of Dips x 15, Incline Merkins x 15, Step-ups x 15

then Partner 1 held Balls to the Wall while Partner 2 did 15 Big Boy Sit-ups

Mosey back to the AO for some Mary:

Flutter Kicks x 15 (actually did Freddie Mercury)

Flutter Kicks x 15 (for real this time)

Box Cutters x 10

Rain started at 6:15 on the dot!







Discussed the March Challenge.

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