I’m a teen dad!?! Wait, that didn’t come out right…

AO: The Wreck

When: 02/27/2019

QIC: Swamp Donkey

PAX (21): Tubbs, Grease Monkey, Doogie, Deadbeat, Hat Trick, Sell Out, Divot, Squeak, Foley, Squeegee, Polaroid, Aflac, Bieber, Raider, DD, Turbin, Sprocket, Chalupa, Rooney, Goat, Swamp Donkey


Having a teen daughter is a huge milestone…huuuuuge. To her though, it isn’t that big of a deal?



Warm up was gonna happen quickly this morning…a blustery 52 (by comparison) meant a jog to the big parking lot for some SSH and Windmills. Then it was on to the party. First, grab you a lifting coupon…

The Thang:

So my daughter, being a music fiend like her dad, has her own, respectable and eclectic taste. I love and respect that. So I told her my plan to do a lightly themed workout but she could do a playlist. Give me 15 songs and I would only add input for time.

Opening with Wham! was apparently a bigger hit than I expected…enough about the music, the work out was to be 130 reps (10x13) between 2 partners. A list of 12 exercises (because a big part of me was not ready for her to be 13). Backdropped by a tweeny playlist (attached). Oh yeah, and thera-bands were waiting at the field because that is my thing you know…

The workout (*denotes coupon) was 130 reps, then 100yd sleigh rides alternating partners for the return, on to the next exercise:

*American Hammers
*Romanian Deadlifts
Big Boy Sit Ups
*Skull Crushers
*Overhead Press
*Calf Raises
>Jack Webb < This was a mistake and thankfully Aflac caught it (about lost his mind!)! Being of course that only Aflac and Biebs made it to 12, didn’t come into play…

Return the coupons and mosey back to the flag.


Chalupa – Cousin, 57, suffered a stroke
Grease Monkey – Continued prayers for dad’s recovery and family supporting him as well as each other
Sprocket – Sister’s tumor treatment and next rounds of treatment
Foley – Pregnancy going better, delivery date booked, continue to pray for health, development and safe delivery

Roswell BB vs Norcross for state Elite 8 @ Norcross (Deadbeat’s alma matter we learned)
Yard clean up project Saturday with the PAX at Galaxy for a widow and her young kids – info on Slack
Order your Hogwallow shirts NOW

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This F3 thing and the HIMs at the Wreck are just incredible. My first Q was a stressful mess, others have not been much better in my mind. Today, I wanted to do a theme but keep it simple. I took a quote from Bronco (who comes to the Wreck occasionally still, I think? Mostly between island hopping.) when talking about his last Q – “I try to make it super hard for me and then go out and push myself until I think I am going to puke.” It was something like that anyway.

I think that is the 1st F part I love about the group. There is so much variety but at the core, everyone is pushing themselves which pushes the guy next to you. No matter where you are in Fitness – if you come, you will be better, stronger, faster tomorrow. Push yourself harder today.

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