Hakuna Tabata!

AO: The Norseman

When: 02/26/2019

QIC: Pitstop

PAX (4): Ha-Ha, Beaker, Nacho Libre


I took my first guest Q at the Norseman.  A little nervous waiting for the first pax to arrive – when will they get here?   But the Faithful Few showed up – including two wrestling coaches.  Could I give them a challenge?  Time would tell.



I’ve enjoyed a prolonged warm-up lately, so we…

  1. Ran to the tennis courts and back, then did the…
  2. Pitstop Warm-Up
    1. Neck Rolls
    2. Shoulder rolls
    3. Merkins
    4. Trunk Twists
    5. Knees Up
    6. Butt Kickers
    7. Squats

The Thang:

In 1996 Japanese professor Dr. Izumi Tabata developed the “Tabata” workout plan while he researched how to train the Japanese Olympic Speed Skating team efficiently.  His findings showed that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) improved aerobic capacity and also increased anaerobic capacity by 28%.  We’re not Japanese nor speed skaters, but YHC figured that we can benefit from some Tabata ourselves.

Tabata = 20 secs of intense exercise, 10 secs of rest, then repeat for a total of 8 sets.

  1. Tabata burpees – 8 sets
  2. 60 secs rest
  3. Tabata Jump Squats – 8 sets
  4. 60 secs rest
  5. Tabata Spiderman planks – 8 sets
  6. 60 secs rest
  7. Tabata Sprints – 8 sets
  8. 60 secs rest
  9. And because they asked for it…
  10. Tabata merkins – 8 sets
  11. 60 secs rest
  12. Tabata Flutter Kicks – 8 sets – got competitive as everyone tried to beat Ha-Ha’s #
  13. Then some Mary to finish up at 6:15am



There was a fair amount of moaning and groaning, which is the best indicator that the Q did his job well.  Glad to put these guys through their paces.

Pitstop has 2 job interviews this week.  Halo is F3 strong and kicking butt in Army bootcamp, though some of his compadres aren’t.

Thanks to God for a great place to workout and faithful HIM to workout with!

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