AO: The Widowmaker

When: 02/23/2019

QIC: Mayhem

PAX (4): Legos, Squirtle, Pinky, Mayhem


Numbers have been steadily growing at the Widowmaker as of late.  However, with multiple regulars giving the Hogwallow a try, as well as the Hearty crew of Ruckers doing their late night misery session, turnout was bound to drop this week. Thankfully, 4 Pax showed up, committed to getting better and stronger.


Wound around the parking lot for a quick session of:

15 X SSH

15 X Weed Pickers

15 X Hill Billies

The Thang:

As the majority of the crew were still relatively new to F3, I thought it would be a good time to introduce them to the Murph.  A great baseline fitness test, as it works the entire body (arms, legs, core, cardio).  From the parking lot, we hit the trail, and said on it until we saw the playground (around 1.2 mile run).  OYO for 100 Pull ups, 200 Merkins, 300 Squats.  Once the group completed all reps, it was back the same way we came for another 1.2 mile loop.

With 15 minutes left (got to love an hour long BD) we grabbed a coupon for a quick set of Corners on the soccer field.  Without dropping the rock, we did:

-25X Shoulder Presses in corner 1

-Mosey with the coupon to Corner 2 for 25 Upright Rows

-Corner 3 gave us 25 Skull Crushers

-For the last set, we moseyed to Corner for 25 Curls

Great burn after the Murph, though no complaining from the peanut gallery.  This crew new how to embrace the suck!

For Mary, we had time for two quick sets of American hammers, and Dollies.


-Proud of these Pax for pushing through a beater.  Everyone got stronger today.

-Prayers for my co-workers, many of whom got laid off this week.

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