Finding the driest spots

AO: The Norseman

When: 02/21/2019

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (3): Ha-ha, Callahan


I have said it before but the best way to get me in the gloom for any condition that isn’t dry is to be the Q. I was certain the weather would be too much for us. Even as Ha-ha was pointing the way to the pavilion the lightning tried once more to frighten us (me).

So we moseyed (drove) to the pavilion where Callahan found us.


We circle up and start with SSH. We take a short mosey over the hill to ensure no one pulled in last-minute. They did not. We continue with IW. The rain is weak and we are strong. We mosey around the parking lot and line up for the real work.

The Thang:

Perusing the F3 exercises I found one called 7 of Diamonds that would work great. You perform 7 of the called exercise at four different corners/angles. Then escalate by 7.

First round: 7 Burpees (28 total)
Second round: 14 Squats….let’s make that Jump Squats (56 total)
Third round: 21 LBC’s. It was a race to the driest spots at each corner. (84 total)
Fourth round: 14 Merkins (56 total)
Last round: 7 Flutter kicks (28 total). You can just hear that suction noise your back makes on a wet lot.

One more large lap and back to the pavilion then to another pavilion. It’s dry ground there.

11’s with dips and freddy mercury
Alternate Step ups, and merkins with counts of 20, 15, 10, and 5
Ha-ha suggests some leg tosses. One pax air chairs. one on the ground, and one stands over him throwing the legs down as he lifts. The key is to not tell them when you are throwing left and right. 30 seconds for each of us (give or take)

Back to the flag for mary. Box Cutter, Reverse LBC, Dolly, and a plank


Cross Ruck in Alpharetta. See ha-ha for details


Naked-Man Moleskin:

We all talked about the sleepless night (either because of the storm or the kids who did not like the storm). It took all my motivation to get out of bed. As I sat in the parking lot watching the clock tick my brain was wishing for no one else brave enough to come to the workout and I could leave, while my body knew it was a challenge I could meet.

The two of you were incredibly supportive when I blank on what to fill the time with when affected by the rain, and create an easy going attitude as I lead.

It’s great to lead at the Norseman and enjoy the team and look forward to visiting and leading often.

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