Carrying Viking

AO: The Gladiator

When: 02/21/2019

QIC: Manchester

PAX (9): DefCon 2, Puddle Jumper, Spandex, Mufasa, Tebow, Scrum, Wicka-Wicka, Laces and Manchester


Awoken by thunder, obviously not linked to Lightning in any way… nor a good reason to skip a BD. I jumped out of bed, got dressed and grabbed my raincoat- time to Q!

A brisk and wet pre-run with the company of 3 others was the best way to start my day.



After the PAX gathered under the warm dry shelter of the building and noticing how dry some members were having not enjoyed the pre-run, we set off for a Mosey to ensure everyone enjoyed the elements of the gloom. We found cover under the pavilion and preceded to warm-up with some Mercans, Leg Raises, 6-count step ups and Dips before moseying/swimming back to our initial Dry spot where we found some music to Spandex’s delight (huuge EDM fan apparently) and DC2’s girlfriend… which, in his absence- we named Viking.

The Thang:

CARRY VIKING, the idea being that the PAX is constantly working out under the cover but that we cannot put Viking down throughout the BD. As one member of the PAX does 20 reps of a set exercise with Viking the others exercise until each member of the PAX has had their way with Viking.

Exercise 1- Curls  |  PAX Exercise: Plank

Exercise 2- Shoulder Press  |  PAX Exercise: Balancing Act (Balance on 1 leg, once the other hits the ground- drop and do 10 Mercans & repeat)

Exercise 3- Fast Row  |  PAX Exercise: Mercans

Exercise 4- Straight Arm Raises/Kettle Bell Swings if you modified  |  PAX Exercise:  Plank Jacks & Al Gore (Alternating as Viking was passed)

Exercise 5- Slow, Long Row | PAX Exercise: Mountain Climbers & Box Cutters (Alternating as Viking was passed)

Exercise 6- Shoulder Press 10 Reps | PAX Exercise: Round of Mary called by the PAX Member about to carry Viking)


Viking was then thrown to the ground as it was time for Coffeeteria.


Mufasa had a nice shoutout for DC2 given that he is the answer, now being 42 and all.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

All in All, yet another memorable BD with a great group of guys that I’m thankful for on a daily basis. Everyone truly pushes each other and I appreciate the Gladiator Crew more and more each week.

The credo of

Leave no man behindbut leave no man where you find him.

is more and more apparent every time we go out there.

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