Rocks in the Rain

AO: The Shadow

When: 02/12/2019

QIC: Chain Gang

PAX (7): Rat Tail Man Hole Madoff Scout Rambo Snake Oil


The ominous weather forecast opened up immediately upon beginning the beatdown, ensuring all seven brave souls who avoided the temptation of the fartsack were thoroughly drenched.







Mosey to the track

Cherokee run around the track

Mosey to the flagpole

10 x Sumo Squats IC

10 x Windmills IC

10x Merkins IC

Rinse and repeat





The Thang:

Thang 1

Mosey to benches of misery in front of HS

15 x Dips IC

Rinse and repeat 2x

15 x Burpos OYO

Mosey to rock garden

Choose a rock wisely

To ensure we share our choices well, set down rocks and rotate 1x to the left

Mosey with new rock friend to memorial garden benches by track

Thang 2

Circuit time with rock friends OYO

20 x Sumo squats with rock

20 x Steps ups with rock

Run around track (sand rock)

10 x Burpos at far endzone

Finish run back to memorial garden

Rinse and Repeat with 15 x Sumos, 15 x Step ups, 10 x Burpos

Rotate to someone else’s rock

Rinse and Repeat again with 10 x Sumos, 15 x Step ups, 10 x Burpos, carrying your new rock on your run around the track

Thang 3

Rotate rocks again

Mosey rocks back to their home

Mosey long way around HS to parking lot

Wrap up with Bearcrawls, Lunges, and a pla k for good measure



Manhole took us home with passive aggressive blessings and kind thoughts for our brethren who succumbed to the power and temptation of the fartsack, guidance through the day as men of God.

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