Packages and Sprints

AO: The Wreck

When: 02/15/2019

QIC: Bronco

PAX (17): Zima, Jackelope, Squeegee, TP, Hat trick, Rooney, Ozzie, Ariel, Yankee, Divot, Bayside, Sprocket, Foley, Couch, Bieber, Aflac


Had a whole lotta dudes lookin for a good beatdown the day after Valentine’s or what’s apparently known as Singles Awareness Day (couldn’t find a theme there).  With no Pax wearing exotic tights I had to keep the love going and it went something like this.


  • We mosey around the lot to grab TP who came in on 2 wheels and a few other stragglers – head around the back and circle up at the flag on Goose Poop Island:
    • 20 SSH
    • 20 Hillbillies
    • 20 Mtn Climbers

The Thang:

Quite the mixed back was in order:


  • Pax all line up on the back fence of the football field and partner up:
    • Partner 1 does 10 squats, 10 merkins, 10 LBCs
    • Partner 2 takes off bear crawling to the other side
    • P1 runs past P2 and touches the fence on the other side then comes back and we all switch.
  • We cover the whole field and more then on to the next


  • 4 Corners (still partnered)
    • 1: Brokens x 10
    • 2: Package in the sky (one partner planks, the other is pushing their legs up in the sky) x 10
    • 3: Merkins on the back x 10
    • 4: Marrionettes (Big boys but with 3 sit-ups…hands touch left of knees, center then right – that’s one)
  • Repeato with the exchange of #2 being curls because apparently some Pax choked up on the legs a little too much for the Package in the sky’s


  • Sprints ‘n Sits
    • All sprints at 100% as fast as you can go (Rooney and Squeegee don’t mess around)
    • Sprint from Goal line to goal line then do 20 LBCs
    • Sprint again with 30 LBCs
    • Sprint again with 40 LBCs
    • Sprint again with 50 LBCs
    • Sprint again
    • Sprint again

All Pax seemed pretty gassed in time to mosey to the flag for 30 seconds of Diamonds and we call it.


  • Good news on the Foley baby front – prayers are workin
  • Continued prayers for Grease Monkey’s dad (Big Al)
  • Hogwallow Sat morning
  • Coffee at CLC followed (with Bronco covering 4 extras for back to back HW/Wreck showings – Bieber, Zima, Aflac and Foley).  Yankee made the cut but had to jet so IOU on that one.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I always try to wear myself out just as much or more than anyone else when I Q and i 100% did that this morning.  Loved every second of it.  Thanks for coming out!

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