“Q-pid” draw back your bow!

AO: Big Creek

When: 02/14/2019

QIC: @F3_Swiper

PAX (9): The Body, Hammer, Snake, Whiz, Dumpster, Bell, In-Seam, Olaf


Love was definitely in the air this morning at the Creek.  A couple of regular PAX were not present, so perhaps the heart-sack was in play for some!  For the rest of us, all we could do was prepare to make our best impression later on!  Here’s how we warmed up the oven…


Imperial Walkers

Cotton Mills

Cupid Shuffle

The Thang:

As a lifelong procrastinator in all areas of life, Q-pid was eager to help those PAX who were yet to come up with any Valentine gift ideas for their M’s.  I can’t remember the exact count, but it was somewhere around all of them.  So as not to forget, we had an exercise that aligned with each idea, getting more budget friendly as we go up the list:

Idea #1:

Diamonds!  A girl’s best friend.  so as not to forget this idea, we lined up for the 7 of Diamonds, which went like this.  On the baseball diamond, perform the following at each of 3 bases:

7 burpees

14 diamond merkins

21 american hammers

28 star jumps

35 squats

42 flutter kicks

49 LBC’s

Idea #2:

Teddy Bear

PAX circled up for the Bear Crawl ring of fire…crawl around circle until the Q yells stop, drop and do 5 merkins

Idea #3:  Box o’ chocloates

the most famous character to talk about a box o- chocolates was definitely Forrest Gump, who’s best friend was none other than…Lt. Dan Taylor!  Dan Taylors with 1:4 ration of squats/jump squats.  rinse and repeat up to 7:28

Idea #4:  Let’s just call it the “Big Sexy.”  no further explanation needed.

Round 1: Howling Monkeys. go around the circle and each PAX does 10 monkey humpers

Round 2: Pickle Pounders

Round 3: Howling gorillas

based on the intensity of the monkey and gorilla noises coming from the PAX, the M’s are going to have their work cut out for them this Valentines Day! ( That reminds me…I need to wrap up this backblast.)


-Praise for growing numbers at Big Creek.  Great group that keeps getting better!

-Prayers for Snake as he prepares for the Ragnar relay in AZ.  His first leg starts at 7:30 MST so lift up a prayer.  We’re with you brother! Get after it!

-2nd F confirmed for Thursday, 2/21.  Coal Mountain Axe throwing was looking good until we learned of the prohibition clause.  Likely an adjustment, so stay tuned…

-Of all God’s gifts, the greatest of these is Love.  Love your M, your children, your family, & your friends.  Not just today, but everyday. (maybe just put in a little extra for V-Day if the mood strikes you!)


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