High Flying Fun

AO: Firehouse

When: 02/14/2019

QIC: Fudd

PAX (4): Baker, Reuben, Skynyrd, Fudd


YHC sent the warning out the night before on the water cooler that some pain would be felt in the morning with the return of an old favorite….BLIMPS! 4 Pax answered the call and got after it.


Mosey to playground end of parking lot while picking up a late arriving Reuben on the way…Bernie Sanders/Karaoke on the way back to starting point.


Abe Vigodas

Weed Pickers


Mosey to the field for the main event!

The Thang:

Hindenburg B.L.I.M.P.S.

6 Rounds total. Repeat the exercise in every corner on your lap around the field, only one exercise per round.

Round 1 : 10 Burpees (each corner)

Round 2: 20 Lunges (each corner)

Round 3: 30 Imperial Walkers (each corner)

Round 4: 40 Merkins (each corner)

Round 5: 50 Plank Jacks (each corner)

Round 6: 60 Squats (each corner)

With trashed legs we ended the final 100 yards in an all out spring as the watch hit 6:15.


Prayers for health of fellow PAX.

Praise for the healing of Baker’s mom.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Blessed to be a part of this group who continues to push hard and become better men. It was a miserable 29 degrees today and all 3 fellow PAX with me returning from various forms of illness and injury who would have been much more comfortable in the fartsack. Impressive to see the hard work put in each week by them.

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