Wicker-North Hills

AO: Hog Wallow

When: 02/14/2019

QIC: Bronco

PAX (10): Circus, Aflac, Yankee, Bieber, Zima, Xanax, Rusty, Foley, Smackdown


The first “official” Hogwallow backblast and I’m stealing Swamp Donkey’s thunder cause I know he planned on posting one last week.  Either way after several discussions with folks I wanted to make this more legit.  What started as a couple MagWalk guys running on Saturday mornings has turned into double-digit numbers 2 days a week and I couldn’t be happier.

The Thang:

The truck showed 30 degrees before i stepped out and 10 Pax were waiting to conquer some hills (well, they didn’t know that yet).  The route planned was down Canton St towards Coleman where we take a right into Wickerberry for a monster hill that didn’t seem to end.  Weaseling our way back to Pine Grove and a left for big hill #2…mumble chatter was scarce and YHC was definitely feeling it.  The group as a whole knocked out almost a 5 mile run in quick fashion and finished with some stretching.


  • Prayers and thoughts with Grease Monkey and Big Al
  • One last plea for someone to run this Hot Choc 15k with me Sunday (only laughter was received)
  • All in attendance agree it’s time for another HW shirt order
  • Reminder – Free Coffee for those in attendance this morning and again for tomorrow morning at the Wreck

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Couldn’t agree more with Grease Monkey’s comments from yesterday – this is a unique group with a unique bond and I tell my wife at least once a week how cool it is to be a part of for so many reasons.

Thanks for running this morning guys!

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