Double KB Overload

AO: Atlas

When: 02/12/2019

QIC: @IBeamF3

PAX (6): Aflac, Sprocket, Rusty, Smackdown, Squeegee


It looked like the rain might hold off, then the resident Alpha Glen Burns informed YHC more was coming. The down pour began and we looked for a nearby shelter so our grip wouldn’t be compromised during the BD and fellow pax or property damaged with flying cannon balls….


Shelter was found and we performed enough to get the heart pumping and the back and arms ready for the beating about to take place…

SSH – 20 IC
KB Halo – 15 each way
KB Swing – 10 IC

During the warm-up, a show was provided with pretty continuous ground to sky lightning.  Think about that for a moment…..
Power lines were crossing or a tree had fallen on some power lines. Pretty sure someone had some surge damage during that.

The Thang:

Each round consisting of 4 exercise stations, 1 min AMRAP, 8 minutes total with 15 sec to switch between stations.
This was going to be a grinder, so motivational music was provided.

Round 1
Single or Double KB Swings
Double KB Burpee Lunge
Alt KB Floor Press
Double KB Deadlift/Row/Clean

Round 2
Double KB Clean Thruster
Double KB Row Merkin
Double KB Snatch Squat
Single KB Squat Curl

Round 3 – All the Favs
Single or Double KB Swings
Double KB Burpee Lunge
Double KB Snatch Squat
Double KB Deadlift/Row/Clean


YHC brought up an idea to carry and extra set of KBs (15#) in prep for FNGs or out-of-towners that want to show up, but also for anyone that wants to try out a KB WO without the investment….  YHC will make that investment for my fellow pax. Just give it a try.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I have enjoyed this group and the coupon WO. Excited to have expanded to involve some KBs.  Always thinking of other coupons to incorporate.
I don’t want to stray too far from the other coupons available on-site as well.
I’m sure I (or someone else) will program something to involve all coupons available.

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