Cookie Birthday Q – 39’s

AO: The Grindstone

When: 02/11/2019

QIC: Cookie

PAX (7): Olaf, Whiz, Bell, Scully, Dumpster, Inseam, Cookie


7 PAX beat the fartsack to join YHC for a little fun on his birthday.  The theme was painstation 39’s, here is how it went down:


Mosey to side parking lot for 39 SSH and 39 Mountain Climbers

The Thang:

Mosey to the path that loops around the whole park.  Where we start is where we shall finish.

**After a 5 min mosey with arm and leg exercises, 1st painstation stop was the big parking lot by the front entrance for a game of 4 corners:

  • 39 Plank Jacks, hold for the six
  • Next corner was 39 Squats, holding for six
  • Followed by 39 Merkins
  • Lastly was 39 Big Boy Situps

**2nd stop on our journey was the adjacent parking lot that is long and narrow, perfect for 39 DB drills up and down the lines
**3rd stop was the building adjacent to the football field which has enough wall space for 39 seconds of Balls to the Wall
**4th stop was to the rock pile to grab a coupon and head to the field for:

  • 39 curls at goal line, run to midfield
  • 39 skull crushers, run to the opposite goal line
  • 39 bent over rows, run back to midfield
  • 39 air press, return the coupons

**5th stop was the last leg of our trail run and conveniently a big ass hill for:

  • 39 burpees (w/partner), run down the trail
  • 39 dips, run back up the trail
  • 39 American Hammers, head back to the flag

**Last stop was the flag for 1 MOM, 39 flutter kicks

F3 Alpha


Enjoyed spending another trip around the sun with all of you F3 HIMs.  Announcements for Promise 686 Run and Tillman Honor Run, both coming up in April.  Prayers for Clyde and his knee surgery recovery.  Always an honor to lead.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Some mumble chatter about a possible 2nd F coming up, Cherry Street Brewery??

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