Fun with Pyramids

AO: The Shadow

When: 02/09/2019


PAX (6): Scout, Fireballs, Leon, Billboard & Sleeper


Unexpected early morning rain moved out in time for the Pax to get down to business.


2 x (9 x SSH, mtn climber, imperial walker)

The Thang:

Mosey to DNC entrance
2 x (9 x milmerkin, hands up squat)
Mosey to stumps
2 x (9 x step ups, derkin)
2 sets steps – hands up
2 x (9 x dips, baryshnikov)
2 sets steps – hands up
Mary – 90 sec plank, 29 x LBC, 29 x low flutter, 11 x high scissor, 11 x box cutter, 29 x low dolly, 90 sec plank
Mosey to hill
Pyramid run/merkin up hill 10 yds/2-20yds/4-30yds/6-40yds/8-50yds/10-60yds/12-70yds/14-80yds/16-90yds/18-80yds/16-70yds/14-60yds/12-50yds/10-40yds/8-30yds/6-20yds/4-10yds/2
Bear Crawl Cherokee Run up hill – 10 LBC off the back
9 x werkins & sumo squat)
Mosey back to Austin
2 x Wall sit/partner run
9 x peter parker, prisoner squat


COT – no announcements

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