The greatest hits (or some eclectic mix?)

AO: The Wreck

When: 02/06/2019

QIC: Turbine

PAX (28): Aflac, Tuna, Miller Time, Switch, Bieber, Back Flash, Bear, Hat Trick, Doogie, Squeak, Rooney, Dead Beat, Haggis, Sell Out, Swamp Donkey, Cowboy, Raider, Squeege, Foley, Face Plant (FNG), Crab Legs, Rusty, Chalupa Batman (FNG), Sprocket, Ariel, Divot, Turbine, Goat


A slight threat of rain did not scar off anyone…28 PAX crushed Wednesday from the get go


No need for a warm-up today. The PAX mozy’d to the pond to make friends with a PAX partner and their choice of coupons from one of RAP’s many rock piles.

The Thang:

A few round of Ha-Ha’s greatest hits…..

With tunes blasting, Partner A does the exercise while Partner B runs a figure 8 around the two pine islands on the north end of the pond. They flip flop and continue with the exercise for AMRAP until the song ends.

  • Standing Curls – Welcome to the Jungle (Guns N Roses)
  • Overhead Press – He’s Alive (Skynyrd)
  • Standing Tricep Extension – Howlin’ for You (Black Keys)
  • Crouching Cohen Curl – Layla (Clapton)
  • Bent Over Rows – Hard Workin’ Man (Brooks & Dunn)
  • Trow the Bomb – Exodus (Bob Marley)
  • Wood Chopper – Thriller (MJ)
  • Merkins – Statesboro Blues (The Allmon Brothers)

With no time to spare, the PAX cut the merkins short, tossed the coupons and mozy’d back to the flag with basically no time to spare.

I like this routine because it gives the PAX plenty of time to chat while never stopping – we don’t often get much chance to connect during a beatdown beyond some quick ridicule or mumblechatter .


Who’s up for Ha-Ha’s Barkley 5k at Widowmaker on Saturday?

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