Three Amigos

AO: The Norseman

When: 02/05/2019


PAX (3): Ha-Ha, Nacho, M.T.


This morning was a great chance to go visit some old friends.  In the last year it’s registered that commute time at 4:45 AM to visit other AO’s is about 1/3 as long as it during business hours.  Arriving a little early, Ha-Ha came in a few minutes later (he knows arriving early is really arriving on time).  We got off a few minutes early on our pre-run and was pleasantly surprised to find out there are a lot of hills around that area.  2.2 miles brought us back to the flag Nacho was just installing.


A quick lap around the parking lot and hill brought us onto the brand new Turf Field 1 for some SSH, WP, Toy Soldier and WM’s.

The Thang:

Back to the Ha-Ha Off Road Machine to select our girlfriends for the morning.  Back to Turf Field 1 where a light, instructions and the handy F3 cards were waiting.

Hearts – Curls
Diamonds – Skull Crushers
Clubs – Kettle Bell Swings
Spades – Weighted big Boy situps

All Face Cards were reps (10 + 1 for jack, 10=2 for Queen, etc.) plus 50 yard run and back except Ace meant 100 yards and back.  Jokers were 100 yards and 20 reps of pax choice.

A lot of groaning and a pulled back later, we made it down to 2 cards left with time expiring.


Post Saturday at Widowmaker for Ha-Ha Belated Bday Barkley knock off challenge!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Apologies to Norsemen for bringing the pain (literally) this morning.  A few chiropractic referrals to Nacho will hopefully help get him back!
A pleasure to lead at another great AO on the rise!

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