Quarter Pounder w/Cheese

AO: The Gladiator

When: 02/05/2019

QIC: Cookie

PAX (24): Renegade, Black Box, Free Fall, Viking, Stroller, Beauty, Laces, Shrinkage, Postal, Manchester, Studfinder, Scrum, W2 (FNG), Moonshine, Puddle Jumper, Curly, Tigger, Scar, Sox, DC2, Delicious, Sunshine, Spandex, Cookie


An AO record 24 PAX including 1 FNG commenced upon the Gladiator on a beautiful spring-like morning to indulge in a full body beatdown led by YHC.  Here is what went down:


We started with a warmup game of 21.  YHC called Side Straddle Hop in cadence to 5, the PAX then had to count silent to 21 and finish all in cadence.   A toll of 5 burpees was paid after round 1.  Round 2 had similar fate and we paid a toll of 10 burpees.  Last round was nearly flawless, but alas we still paid a toll of 15 burpees.   Up next was a little game of Tortoise and Hare, with one partner dropping to do 3 burpees while the other partner moseyed toward the rock pile.  Once caught, the roles reversed.  On to the rock pile we went.

The Thang:

Coupon in hand, we moseyed back to the soccer pitch and started the first leg of the Quarter Pounder.

  • Run to the 25 yard line (quarter field) for 25 merkins, backward mosey back to the end line
  • Run to the 50 yard line (mid-field) for 50 mountain climbers, backward back
  • Run to the 75 yard line (three quarter field) for 75 squats, backward back
  • Run to the 100 yard line (opposite goal line) for 100 LBC, backward back

Round 2 was a Quarter Pounder with Cheese (rock in hand)

  • 25 skull crushers
  • 50 overhead press
  • 75 bent over rows
  • 100 curls

Head back to the rock pile to drop the coupons.  Double stack Indian Run back to the flag for Ring of Fire.  Due to the size of group, we split into two circles.

  • Merkin Ring of Fire while PAX stayed in low plank
  • Monkey Humper while PAX stayed in position
  • Squat while PAX stayed in air chair

1 minute of Mary before time was up.


Welcome FNG W2.  Sunshine shared information on the Promise 686 Run, signup now for event in April that benefits adoption.  Reach out to Stroller for more details.  Prayers were spoken for those in need of F3 in their lives and for those battling sickness and injury.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It had been a few months since I visited last and I am simply amazed to see the energy at this AO.   TCLAPS to Scar and Spandex for organizing and running such a fun group.  Can’t wait to be back in the gloom with these guys one day soon.  And thanks to designated Co-Q DC2 for keeping me in line like he always does.  Honor to lead.  SYITG

F3 Alpha

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