Filthy Fifty – F3 Style

AO: The Rubicon

When: 02/05/2019

QIC: Pitstop

PAX (11): Zima, Trebek, Pellets, Waffles, Devito, Lumbergh, TopHat, Stifler, Jackalope, Bayside


Always feeling the weight of responsibility and high expectations, YHC dug deep in his bag o’ workouts and pulled out a Crossfit favorite – the Filthy Fifty.


The pax moseyed over to Flushing Meadows for some warm-up.  A new location with some new-ish warm-up moves:  high knees, side shuffles, butt kickers, bear crawls, and low doses of SSH, merkins, and flutter kicks – to get the relevant muscle groups warmed up.

The Thang:

The men hit the rock pile and grabbed a coupon, then moseyed to a new baseball field for the Main Thang:


The Filthy Fifty

This is a notorious Crossfit workout, intended to be performed as quickly as possible or AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) with a 30 minute cutoff.  As the baseball field lacked pullup stations and barbells, I had to modify a few.

  1. 50 box jumps
  2. 50 merkins
  3. 50 kettlebell swings (with coupon)
  4. 50 walking lunges (with coupon)
  5. 50 LBC (with coupon)
  6. 50 Push Press (with coupon)
  7. 50 Back Extensions
  8. 50 Skull Crushers (with coupon)
  9. 50 Burpees
  10. 50 Jump Ropes (with make-believe ropes)

The PAX seemed legitimately challenged, with a few admitting nausea.  Mission accomplished.

Returned the coupons and had 5 mins of Mary.  The PAX had forgotten how to count but relearned quickly with some repetitions.




No FNGs.

Gratitude for the F3 Cherokee Convergence on Saturday.

YHC has his usual 2 requests, including the job search.  Plus he and Waffles will be traveling in Cuba next week.

Sprocket has a family member with cancer – prayers for them.

Trebeck has his VQ on Thursday!


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