Divot’s VQ

AO: The Wreck

When: 02/04/2019

QIC: Divot

PAX (17): Ozzy, Rusty, Aflac, Yankee, Bieber, Goat, Rooney, Squeak, SwampDonkey, DD, Raider, Zima, HatTrick, Foley, Switch, Squeegee, Divot


The post Super Bowl party kicked off promptly at 5:30 a.m. It is quite possible this morning was the warmest start we’ve had in 2019; at around 40 degrees and no moisture (other than perspiration). Perfect timing since it was my VQ.

And so it began…



We started with a mosey through the woods, to grandmother’s house we would not go, past the tennis courts and up the hill/mountain to the parking lot near the pool.

15 reps of weed pickers, side straddle hops, imperial walkers and arm circles (forwards and backwards).

After warmup, PAX moseyed to down to the top of “Merlot” hill. It’s important to note that not a drop of Merlot was spilled during the event.

The Thang:

QIC gave an overview of our first obstacle: 20 squats at the top of the hill followed by a backwards bear crawl down the hill, 10 Merkins at the bottom of the hill and bear crawl back to the top. Rinse and repeat the cycle three times.

SwampDonkey threw out some flutter kicks in cadence while waited for the 6.

Moseyed down to the steps/railings to catch the Marta (plank across the hand rails with hands/feet on the railing while gingerly “walking” down the railings with hands/feet). Continued the mosey to the wall behind the baseball field where we executed 20 step-ups (each leg) and 20 dips.

The PAX then moseyed to grab a lifting coupon – one that even your neighbor could enjoy – and met at the middle of the football field with a deck of cards. In a circle, one member at a time would grab a card:

  • Ace is a lap around the field
  • Hearts were chest thrusts
  • Diamonds were bent over rows
  • Clubs were skull crushers
  • Spades were curls
  • Reps were X2 for what the card showed (i.e. 5 of Hearts = 10 chest thrusts)
  • After each card, pass your coupon the your neighbor on the left

Once we finished the circle of trust, PAX gently replaced the coupons and moseyed back to the flag.

I heard sounds of pain at the gazebo while I grabbed my phone to record the event. I can only assume Aflac threw in a round of core exercise or Diamond Merkins.


Continue to pray for Sprocket, his sister and his family

Continue to pray for VirginiaSlim’s ex-wife’s family

Continue to pray for Foley’s family through their pregnancy

Pray for Ozzy during his job hunt

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