AO: The Galaxy

When: 01/31/2019

QIC: Blue

PAX (8): Blue, Sparky, Wide Right, Tweaker, Turbine, Yahtzee, Blue


A warm, balmy 26-degree morning greeted the PAX of Galaxy, who eagerly embraced the suck of our DRP.


A brisk 3/4 circle mosey deposited us at the Picnic Pavilion.

15 SSH

15 Toy Soldiers

The Thang:

With the PAX consisting of the Walking Wounded (including YHC), a Great Board of Fun was waiting for our heroes.  Upon the rolling of oversized dice, a group of 3 exercises was selected focusing on: Strength, Abs or Speed.  A 3:00 countdown timer was set for the chosen individual poison.  The board was as such:

Because each PAX selected their own 3-minute individual poison (often chosen around their injury), the individual exercises were too numerous to mention here.

However, at the conclusion of each individual poison 3-minute period, the group regathered for a team exercise. Team exercises were:

Hamlets: 2 PAX standing back-to-back passed 15lb concrete-filled plastic skulls back and forth

Table Lifts: 4 PAX at each side in unison arm-curling  the (very heavy) picnic tables

Wounded Warrior Carry: lifting a fellow PAX and walking in the military-approved method shown on the WW logo

The climax featured Galaxy’s very first Burpee-off: a group Burpee done to a cadence that gradually sped up until one by one, PAX began to drop off.  While outstanding performances were given by all (particularly Wide Right), it was Yahtzee and Turbine who ended up squaring off face to face over growing pools of sweat for the right to be the Last Man Burpee-ing.  After many tense moments and burpees too rapid to count,  the inhuman over-achiever known as Turbine was the inevitable winner.  To the victor went the hard-earned spoils:

…followed by a mosey back to the shovel-flag right on time. Each PAX was issued two F3 stickers, with the command to perform 2 EH’s and bring more MIA to grow our beloved Galaxy.


Chelsea and Sparky were lifted up for healing, and the recent loss of a husband in the Clow Car’s neighborhood.

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