The Gladiator Meets Iron Mike

AO: The Gladiator

When: 01/31/2019

QIC: Stroller

PAX (16): Spandex, Scar, Defcon 2, Viking, Renegade, Puddle Jumper, Moonshine, Stud-finder, Toona, FNG (Backdraft), Kegger, Shrinkage, Scrum, Mufasa, Tebow, Stroller


YHC has been hard at it with the pre-beatdown runs lately.  Opting against the run today, it felt weird to just show up for a workout.  You mean you just get out of your car and…stand around in the cold until the workout begins?  Anyway.  The PAX were in full force today despite the cold.  In fact, they were quite rambunctious and wouldn’t let the Q get the disclaimer out.  Not naming names, but a certain Norseman had to be shushed.


With 22° temperatures predicted, YHC promised to keep the PAX moving.  Mosey to the East Pavillion for 20x SSH IC and 10x Windmills IC.  Then extra mosey to the far parking lot for a bit more- 15x Hillbillies and 10x Merkins.

The Thang:

The PAX formed two lines at the east entrance for a Bataan Death March.  Indian Run style, rear PAX drops for 5 burpees then tags the PAX in front of him to start burpees and runs to the front of the line.  Take it all the way to the opposite park entrance.  The hill at the end was not welcomed initially, but PAX would soon become friends with it.  After arriving at the small parking lot and planking for the 6, PAX were told to find a partner for some “Mobile Dora,” with each exercise being performed at a different venue.  The partner completing the last rep would run and meet up with his partner and run together to the next location.

  • 100 Mike Tysons, partner runs down the hill to stop sign and then back up. Mosey to the splash pad parking lot
  • 200 Crab Cakes (single count), partner runs half the lot perimeter. Mosey to the parking lot where we did the first warm-up
  • 300 Freddy Mercury’s (double count), partner runs the entire lot perimeter. Mosey back to the flag for Mary

The PAX all expressed their gratitude toward Devito for introducing YHC to the Mike Tyson.  I hope that Mike will be back.

Quick Round of Mary: Dying Cockroach, American Hammer, Flutter Kick


First things first, Name-o-Rama: Welcome Backdraft! Thanks to Toona for coming downrange to support Backdraft (they are both firefighters).  Shrinkage and Spandex said the name was too cool.  Be it resolved that the next FNG to post in 25° weather shall be Shrinkage 2.

Other announcements-

  • Some brave men doing Thumper’s no sugar challenge
  • Convergence, breakfast, speaker this Saturday in Cherokee: NO SATURDAY GLADIATOR
  • VQ Watch: Postal signed up for March, Puddle Jumper ready to jump in. Waiting on that Blackbox VQ

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Huge January for the Gladiator.  Proud of all these men for continuing to defy Cantore and come out to push and support each other.  As Mufasa just said on Slack, we’re 3rd.  Grateful for the opportunity to lead

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