Goat Q

Dice Dice Baby...too Cold too Cold

QIC: Goat
PAX: 18
Tweaker, Ozzy, Rusty, Foley, Sprocket, SmackDown, GreaseMonkey, AFLAC, Doogie, Yankee, Bieber, Rooney, Squeak, VirginaSlim, Sellout, Bear, SwampDonkey, Goat
It was a cold morning. Weather Channel said it was 22 degrees, but GreaseMonkey’s truck said it was 18 degrees. Given how the Weather Channel nailed the 2019 blizzard forecast, my money is on GreaseMonkey’s truck. 18 degrees is was.
In light of battling freezing temps, the only appropriate response was to deliver a “Dice Dice Baby”…beatdown.
Warm up began as a run through the woods, past the tennis court, up the hill of pain to the parking lot to quickly get the blood flowing.
15 reps of side-straddle hops and mountain climbers.
After warmup, PAX moseyed to the football field parking lot where beatdown buckets were waiting. At every 3rd parking space a bucket was placed that included a set of dice. On the side of each bucket was the name of the exercise that needed to be performed. #1 Burpees, #2 Big Boyz, #3 Bonnie Blairs, #4 Merkins, #5 Squats, #6 Merkins, #7 Bonnie Blairs, #8 Big Boyz #9.
PAX were divided into 2 teams. Each team had a set of buckets and dice.
The Thang:
QIC explained that each team had to send 1 PAX to their bucket #1, shake the dice and whatever number was shown on the dice equated to the quantity of that particular exercise. For example at bucket #1, if 9 was rolled on the dice, the team that rolled 9 had to do 9 burpees. So, PAX would roll the dice, run back to the team, and they would perform the exercise together. Once the exercise was completed, the team would send a PAX to the second bucket, shake the dice, run back and the team would perform that exercise. While the PAX ran to the bucket to roll the dice, all others were doing side-straddle hops for non-stop action.
When the team got to bucket #5 Squats. ALL PAX on that team would run to the “squat” bucket and perform 50 squats then run back to the starting point to finish bucket #6-#9. Once bucket #9 was completed, all PAX on that team would run to the opposite side of the parking lot… Rinse and Repeat back the other way.
After both teams completed this bucket race, each PAX grabbed a bucket and everyone circled up in the center of the parking lot for merry-go-round of buckets. Going around the circle, each person rolled their dice, and everyone had to perform the exercise. For merkins and squats, whatever was shown on the dice multiply x5.
Once we finished the merry-go-round of buckets, PAX moseyed back to the flag for a quick round of merry (Merkins and American hammers)
  • Continue to pray for Sprocket, his sister and family.
  • Continue to pray for VirginiaSlim’s ex-wife’s family.
  • Pray for Foley’s family. His wife is having pregnancy complications.
  • Come to Thursday and Saturday’s Hogwallow running adventure.

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