Dirty Dora

Mosey to the Kidnet Bean Track for a Brief warm-up – SSH x15 – CHS x15 – Nancy Carrigans x10 each leg Route 66 around the loop alternating 10 merkins and 10 Star Jumps at each light pole. That will get you warmed-up! Mosey to the ball filled for Dirty Dora, Partner up. 100 Dips 200 Donkey Kicks 300 Carl Malones Partner runs up the hill and back. and 20 LBCS Backwards Indian run up the hill and mosey to the Pavilion. Repartner up and 3 roud os neck and shoulder work. Lay on table and neck raises, side to side and transverse rotations. Partner shoulder shrugs picnic table 100 squats rotate at 25 while the other air chairs. Mary NMMS Bell is a man among boys wearing Shorts. Zoo is closed for the Cherokee 500 Convergence this Saturday. Praise Dumpster for a great Presentation!

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