As #FakeNews Snowmageddon Approached, Gladiator PAX Stood Strong

AO: The Gladiator

When: 01/29/2019

QIC: Viking

PAX (19): Grasshopper, Moonshine, Tebow, Delicious, Stud Finder, Jamie Thompson (FNG), Puddle Jumper, Defcon2, Renegade, Black Box, Sox, Spandex, Kegger, Scar, Stroller, Mufasa, Postal, Free Fall (FNG), Viking


Many of us, no doubt, thought January 29th would be the last day we would kiss our wives and children, as the #FakeNews effectively shut down the entire Atlanta economy in the presence of the oncoming Polar Vortex. No man, women, child, dog, cat, or deer would surely be seen come January 30th, so they said. But as I woke up at 4:30 a.m., the balmy 47 degree WeatherBug report made YHC giddy. It was no St. Lucia, but it was better than sub-freezing temps. (This northern-grown Viking has been growing soft when it comes to cold weather…)

Excited that 2 of my friends were about to make their FNG virgin dip into the F3 underworld, I sprang from my bed, got ready, paced around the house for a good 20 minutes for no reason (Q-Drenaline Rush), and got to the AO by 5:05. PAX were floating around everywhere, as this pre-run BD is starting to become addictive, so it appears.

Cones were set, stations were planned, coupons were spotted,  and the Gloom found 19 PAX circled by the flag to make themselves stronger; to take one tiny step in a fun process called GETTING BETTER. A wise man once described a little differently: BECOMING CONSISTENT.


A lengthy disclaimer was given by this CPA, knowing that other CPAs were in the group. (any attorneys in the group yet? please, we need some attorneys so that the CPAs don’t have to be the  most annoying.)  We moseyed to the Eves Road entrance/parking lot for some:

28 SSH
14 Hillbillies
14 Weed pickers
15 Mountain Climbers

We then moseyed to the north pavilion for some:

20 Dips
20 Step Ups
10 Derkins
20 Dips
20 Step Ups

The Thang:

Mosey back to Rocky Top where YHC instructed each PAX to grab two coupons (stones) that were larger than their hands. Scar apparently missed this memo, as Rocky Top to the rest of us was Pebble Beach to him. But his avoidance of coupon size would not go unnoticed, as Jack Webb Roulette was just around the corner….

Mosey/Cusak to the North Pitch/Futbol/Soccer field and circled up for:

Jack Webb Roulette: 
An Aflac special, Jack Webbs where the PAX does 1 overhead press and 1 Merkin, IC. Then hand your coupons to the person to the right, and do 2 OP and 2 Merkin, etc… all the way up to 10. Scar’s pebbles were quickly out of his reach.

Coupons were set off to the side, and stations were explained:

Cone 1 – 20 Shoulder Taps
Cone 2 – 20 Jump Squats
Cone 3 – 20 Peter Parkers
Cone 4 – Mountain Climbers.

Run between each Cone and Mary for the six. Then Rinse & Repeat:

Cone 1 – 10 Burpees
Cone 2 – 15 Low/Slow Squats
Cone 3 – 15 Dying Cockroach
Cone 4 – 15 Mahktar N’ Diayes

Mary for the six. 5:53, so mosey back to Rocky Top to drop off coupons, then mosey back to the flag. Instructions were given to the gazelles to run around the main building for some extra credit, but the humans followed the gazelles and some confusion occurred. There is nothing like some chaos to finish a beat down.

A few minutes of Mary, and that was that.


  • Welcome FNG Curly and FNG FreeFall! Thanks to both of you friends for putting up with my consistent prodding to workout with the Gladiator men! Hope to have you back.
  • DC2 – some stressful things occurred in their family last week. Please lift his family up in prayers!
  • Lots of announcements regarding upcoming challenges, CSAUP, and charitable causes. Keep an eye on Slack and Facebook for 1stF, #2ndF, #3rdF opportunities outside of the normal morning BD’s!


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead/Q you men! Let’s all keep working on being CONSISTENT. Each day is a step forward or backward; which direction do you want to be going?!

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