A Tigger Burpie VQ

AO: The Hooch

When: 01/30/2019

QIC: Tigger

PAX (18): Sunshine, Stroller, Saint2.0, Boomer, el Matador, Pooh Bear, Lexi, Piggie, Flo, Readymix, Ball Boy, Hamburglar, Homer, Siphler, Meatball, Tebow, Scrooge


18 PAX, including Lexi form F3Cherokee and some locals from other Alpha AOs met up for a 22 degree beatdown by this VQ. Privileged to lead the HIM and impressed at their commitment. VQ gave the intro welcome and talk and we moseyed off.


Mosey to Hurricanes where PAX circled up for Hillbillies x 12 and SSH x 10, mosey to parking lot at church for Imperial Walkers x 10, then final warm up mosey to the track. Mumble chatter was strong but that was soon to change…

The Thang:

Deconstructed 25 Burpie Routine:

Track was divided into quarters

Q1: Merkins, Q2: frog legs, Q3: squat jumps, back to start: burpies

First lap was 20 each in Q1,2,3 and 5 burpies with a sprint between quarters then mosey one full “recovery lap” after burpies, start over and reduce Q 1,2,3 by 5 and increase burpies by 5, rinse and repeat for a total of 8 laps finishing with 20 burpies. Those who finished first did LBCs for the six.

Recovered with a 10 count and began the return mosey to the flag. Stopped in church parking lot for part one of Jack Webs increasing form 1 to 5 merkins and to 20 presses (VQ could not count by 4s and tried to do more on the last round, slight mumble chatter). Mosey back to Hurricanes for part two of Jack Webs starting at 6 merkins and finishing strong with 40 presses. Final mosey back to the flag for some MARY. VQ got in with LBC, Dead Cockraoch and J-Lo and passed to PAX for a final few. Phew! Made it!


F3Cherokee convergence on Sat, Prayers for Meatball, super secret beatdown tomorrow at a time and location that is on a need to know basis, VQ has an interview today in Hartwell, GA.

Gratefulness all around and off to Coffeeteria at Sbux to mutually encourage and challenge one another around leadership, goals and family calendars.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This VQ is again privileged to lead such HIM in a beat down after 9 amazing weeks of joining in. I hope it got everyone pushing themselves just a little harder than last time, I know I did. #SYITG

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