F3 Deck of cards – redeaux

AO: The Galaxy

When: 01/29/2019

QIC: Tweaker

PAX (4): Blue, WideRight, Venus, Tweaker


F3 Workout Deck

4 PAX arrived for a BD depite claims of a snowpocalypse.


We started with a quick mosey around the park.  No time for more if we were to get through the entire deck.

The Thang:

This is the offical F3 deck for a list of excersizes go to https://f3nation.com/dexicon/

This time we added a twist YHC decided to mix things up a bit.  The deck was split by suit into four decks two going from ace down to two the others two up to ace.

Each PAX was asked to draw a card from each pile for the group to do all four before moving on.  This left little break between sets and worked all body groups ( Hearts – Cardio, Diamonds – Upper, Spades – Legs and Clubs -Core)

We were done at 6:15 with 2 cards in each deck left and a good workout was completed


Prayers for the Yates family in Johnson’s Landing neighborhood as they will recover from the tragic loss of the patriarch of the family.

Also for Chelsea and Sparky as they continue to recover from injuries and for the uncle of Wideright who will have surgery this weekend.



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