Super Bowl Bonanza

AO: The Hooch

When: 01/28/2019

QIC: Ready-Mix

PAX (17): Splinter, Saint 2-0, Simba, Homer, Scrooge, Hamburglar, Tigger, Popper, Meadowlark, Poo-Bear, Piggy, Sunshine, Boomer, Ball-Boy, El Matador, Jimbo, Ready-Mix


17 Faithful Hooch Super Bowl Fans pre-gamed with a nice spread of tackling drills (or so it felt like after).

After warmups, we started with Football toss Indian Run down to the Red-Zone.  From there we proceeded to do partner exercises:

S: 100x Sphinx Merkins

U: 100x Up-Downs

P: 100x Pistol Dips

E: 100x E2K’s

R: 100x (modified to 70x) RBC’s

We had to ditch the BOWL part of the workout due to time constraints.  Mosey’d back up to home base and sprinted to the flag.  Closed with a Mary of 4 core exercises.

Go Rams!

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