Sherpa Training

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 01/26/2019

QIC: Pellets

PAX (): Devito, Miller Time, Special K, Scully, Mr. Crab (Raleigh), (FNG) Raw Dog, Pinky

Home cooking.  Even though I call Rubicon my home AO since I started F3 last May, I have always enjoyed all that The Widowmaker has to offer.  Had been a while and woke up excited and ready to see where the workout took us.  The excitement was short lived as a stepped outside the truck at 0559 for the pre BD Twisted Surprise.

About a month ago invited a buddy of mine out and right on cue he pulled into the parking lot at 7 am and after a quick disclaimer we were off and running.

Warm Up:

SSH x 20

Figured the body was on ice anyway who needs a long warm up?

The Thang 1:

We moseyed over to the rock pile and the Pax were instructed to grab a coupon (rock buddy) preferably one you can run with but big enough to get some work in.  The rotation was for the Pax to run the 4 points on the perimeter of the field with coupon stopping at the corners for:

Corner 1:  50 Curls

Corner 2:  50 Overheads

Corner 3:  50 Skull Crushers

Corner 4:  50 Rows

After the first rotation I noticed my FNG didn’t have gloves on a 26 degree morning and felt like a bad host.  Mr. Crab stepped up and was awesome enough to run back to his car and grab an extra set (Thank you sir).

The original call was for 3 rotations around the field but midway through the 2nd rotation and with my ADD kicking in and my focus on birds chirping I called it at 2.  At the last stop we did 50 squats with our coupon which was a nice warmup on what was to come.

The Thang 2:

We moseyed over to the adjacent stadium steps and embarked on a Dora 1-2-3.  The Pax paired up and it was time to hammer the legs with:

100 Dips

200 Box Jumps

300 Squats

After everyone breezed through the dips we were on to the box jumps.  The stadium steps at the Widowmaker are not your Granddad’s box jumps.  You have to be intentional and aggressive with your jumps to not scrape the shins.  The mumble chatter began after everyone was around 100 box jumps and Miller Time informed me a a revolt was taking place as everyone’s quads were screaming.  We amended to mixing in a few box jumps and hammering the remaining 200 out with step ups (both exercises are good for aspiring Sherpas).

The Thang 3:

During a recent run at the park I noticed an overlooked trail coming off the main road where we typically enter the gravel trail to the Widowmaker hill.  We ran to the bottom of the trail and it was time for some hill repeats to complete our Sherpa training for the day.  The Pax ran the hill 5x and each time at the top we hammered out 25 Merkins before making the descent to start again.  No exercise at the bottom just a quick loop around the tree a quick deep breath and back up the hill.

Few rounds of Mary for the six and after this one a 10 count was in order.

With about 10 minutes to spare and Devito looking for 8+ miles daily total counting his earlier Q’d Twisted Surprise we did a couple laps around the soccer field before gathering back at the flag for some Mary.


No gloves this morning earned our FNG the name Raw Dog (in honor of Brooks Conrad for Braves fans).  Was great to have him out there and proud of him for answering the call on a cold morning.  Prayers for continued personal growth and continue to challenge ourselves to grow as leaders in our family where we have a huge impact.  Honor to lead today.





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