Boys of Summer Never Been So Cold

AO: H0.0CH

When: 01/25/2019

QIC: Splinter

PAX (): Tigger, Boomer, Ball Boy, Pooh Bear, Hamburgler, Flo, Jimbo, Ready Mix, Sneakers, Saint 2.0, Feathers, Sunshine, Popper, Splinter

14 PAX Came out to play a little baseball in the cold.

The Thang:

Warmup:  6 min

  • Mosey around the track to start to get warm
  • Side straddle hops, 20X.       “Starting exercise, in position, MOVE IN CADENCE!”
  • Forward arm circles, 20X.     “Starting position, in cadence, MOVE!”
  • Backward arm circles 20X “Starting to move, in cadence, EXERCISE!”  Why can’t I get this?

Baseball:  25 min

Partnered up and combined F3 names to form team name, i.e., Ball Boomers.  Each team was to perform the number of reps below X the number of team mates (in the event we had an odd number).  Idea was that team members would push & encourage each other to meet the team goal quickly to score more runs.

  • Homeplate: Merkins 30X

-Lungewalk to first

  • First Base: Squat 30X

-Toe Raises up the stairs

  • Second Base: Burpees 20X   (you’re welcome)

-Walk down stairs, lungewalk to third

  • Third Base: Bonnie Blairs 30X

-Lungewalk to home

3 Innings like this, then 2 more substituting Star Jacks for the Burpees, and Monkey Humpers for the Merkins.


Partners in plank position, shoot “rock, paper, scissors.”  Winner does 1 merkin, loser 1 burpee

Increase up to 10 count.  Partners tuned to same wavelength at distinct advantage here.

Core Medley

RLBC                      20 Count Cadence

Flutter Kick         20 Count Cadence

Box Cutter          20 Count Cadence

Never did correctly call “Next exercise is … starting position, move, in cadence, exercise”  But hopefully got it now!

Called on Mary for 4 minutes until time.

CoT:  Prayers for the Scrooge family,  as Julie was very sick this past night.  Prayers for the Father-Daughter dance that many are attending tonight (connection with daughters,  fun, God-glorifying evening).



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