Lucky ‘15’ / Colt 45 Cadence Circuit

AO: Big Creek

When: 01/24/2019

QIC: Hammer

PAX (): Bell, Swiper, Dumpster, McDuff, Spit Valve, Whiz, The Body, Snake, Bartman 

YHC has the record of the year – 10 Pax! Maybe because the rain stopped just in time at 5 am!
Mosey to cross section near coupons

-High knees walking-15

-Hill Billies-15

-Imperial Walker-15

-High knees running-15
Whiz unabashedly instructed a rusty Hammer on proper cadence and counting!
Mosey to get a coupon – Medium size (~20lbs – some were well under the recommended weight)
I believe it was McDuff who grabbed Swiper’s coupon that he is having an affair with based on his last BB
The Thang

Mosey with coupon up the road near covered area

All in cadence! All Pax involved in leading counts

-Squats with coupon-15

-Hammies (isometric hamstring curl)-15 in covered area but the ground was still wet…sad clowns sucked it up well (switch legs at 7 or 8)

-Calf (not ‘Toe’ as The Body made clear!) Raises with coupon-15—1st round In, 2nd round straight

-Lat pulls with coupon-15

-Merkins-15 (1st set feet on curb; 2nd set one hand on coupon with switch at 7th rep)

-Shoulder Raises with coupon-15

-Curls with coupon-15

-Diamond pushups on coupon-15

-Star jumps-15

-Indian Run (YHC lost his hat 2x)

Rinse and repeat (not enough time for 3rd round to get the number for Colt 45…only 2 rounds)

Return coupons (Shot put exercise – 1 rep)
Indian Run 1/2 way to AO and full sprint the rest of the way
Mcduff  took first as The Hammer challenged; The Body was flying in for 2nd!
The Body was fine with not running too much
All Pax handled a high-intensity workout in the wet gloom well!
Mary / COT




Announcements: Hatchet throwing deal in Sandy Springs, F2 in Cherokee in Feb.
Words of Wisdom – Pinch your significant others six when you see her next!
Prayers: Gibbs family’s loss of oldest son last week with funeral tomorrow, Dumpster  has big presentation next week at work he’s been preparing for for 3 months!

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