Layer up for Rubicon

AO: Rubicon

When: 01/22/2019

QIC: Lumbergh

PAX (): Stifler, Pitstop, Miller Time, Devito, Jackalope, Cookie, Trebec

Yall remember when we had quarter Qs and you had to commit to three months of leading workouts? Jump in and grab a spot for the Rubicon. It’s the best remedy when you think about skipping for sub freezing temperatures.

8 PAX with an average of about 2.5 shirts each hit the Rubicon today. I went in with little planning and I think the pax could tell.

A jog to the bathrooms for 10X Weed Picker, 15X IW and 16 SSH
The pax lined the wall for balls to the wall. I feel like we haven’t done this since Nacho used to one-hand it. MT pulls out the win today although I suspect Devito let him have it. LBC’s for any pax that had to drop out.

The Thang
We made our way back to the FOD to go around the bases.
Start with 20X Merkins at 1st, 20X Hammers at 2nd, 20X Squats at 3rd and Burpees to the six
We bump to 25X on all including the burpees
Back to 15X, 10X, 5X with some backwards running and bear crawl mixed in.
One more sprint/run around the bases.

Mosey to the planters for Dips and Freddie Mercury IC. 20X, 15X, 10X, 5X

Back to the flag for mary

So many flutter kicks
Derkins on another pax back
Buzz Saw
Monkey Humpers
Seal Sit ups

Prayers for job search and family
Thoughts for Pellets who ran an insane distance and, I guess, won
Axe throwing Thursday. See MT to sign up

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