BALLS, Lots of BALLS. No Viking Balls though…

AO: Gladiator

When: 01/17/2019

QIC: Manchester

PAX (): Sox, Tebow, DEFCON2, Delicious, StudFinder, Scrum, Renegade, Scar, Laces, Tigger, Mufasa, Moonshine, Spandex, Fabio (FNG), Manchester

As requested by Viking, I sat there the night before trying to a. think of a beatdown to include balls but that also didn’t risk a ton of broken ankles on a frosty, dark football pitch.


I arrived a little early, pumped up the balls, set up some cones and went to the car park where the PAX was gathering but seemed reluctant to leave their “mobile fart sacks” Spandex 2019. Mufasa arrived after his morning Ruck and the PAX mingled looking to the road to see if Puddle Jumper or Viking were going to show… A quick mosey around the car park and it was evident that they had remained in their not so mobile Fart Sack.

The warmup:

Adamant to refrain from SSH’s we moseyed to the pitch, proceeded to a dynamic warm-up including, side steps, butt-kickers, high knees, lunges and 4 laps of the newly erected steps at the Gladiator changing each time:

  • Fast feet (both feet on each step)
  • Left Foot Hopping up
  • Right Foot Hopping up
  • Hop up with both feet together
  • Sprint up with as long a stride as possible

The Thang:

We moseyed to the soccer pitch where we had just enough balls for the PAX, minus two… so Scar and I pretended we had balls… much like a certain Scandinavian named friend.


Exercise 1:

  • 25 Merkins on the ball, sprint to the halfway line and back
    • Al Gore for the Six
  • 25 Toe Taps on the ball, sprint to the halfway line and back
    • Tip Toes for the Six
  • 25 Merkins on the ball, sprint to the halfway line and back
    • Al Gore for the Six
  • 25 Side to Sides with the ball, sprint to the halfway line and back
    • Tip Toes for the Six


Exercise 2:

The Pax takes 10 and moseys to the Chelsea Square set up pre-beatdown, we split into the four corners- SOX couldn’t contain his excitement and we completed the Chelsea Square:

1 side of the square sprinting, 3 sides jogging

2 sides of the square sprinting, 2 sides jogging

3 sides of the square sprinting, 1 side jogging

4 sides of the square sprinting

We took another 10 and moseyed to an agility course of cones.

Exercise 3:

For this, as our memory while out of breath was struggling, Q modified this from a planned schedule to Mary and Agility. While one member of the PAX completed said Agility Sprint, the remainder of the PAX completed some Mary- changing after each person completed the sprint- until each member of the PAX had gone.

Exercise 4- Rinse and Repeat of Exercise 2

Exercise 5-

This was initially going to be the cherry on top with a shout out to Viking’s VQ and my beatdown as an FNG which was Crab/Bear Soccer- given Viking’s absence and co-q’s presence (DC2) I decided to switch it up a little. JackWebs, with the football! Due to the Q struggling with simple multipliers the PAX helped the count and once finished we moseyed back to the Car Park for a final few minutes of Mary.


Continued Prayers for Brownie and Jason.

Scar issued a reminder for the 3rd F outing this coming Thursday. Axe Throwing with close friends, what could be better?

As always, thanks for sharing the best part of your day with me!

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