AO: Rubicon

When: 01/17/2019


PAX (): Lumberg, Devito, Pellets, Pitstop, Stifler, Stroller, Cookie, Jackalope, Trebec, M.T.

Coined by Pellets (aka Pebbles) Making Rubicon Great Again has been in the works recently as a reinvigoration effort to amp up the energy and local recruiting efforts.  I mean when you have a park as awesome as Wills, It’s not acceptable to be mediocre.  We could talk about how all our HIM’s keep leaving to start up new AO’s but that would be weak like fartsacking on a Tuesday.

Anyway, today saw a 5:10 AM Pre run with 6 Pax taking the DRP to get an extra 2 miles before the BD.  A good start.  4 more joined including Cookie (a major disrupting force lately) for some work at 5:30.  After a jog around the perimeter and some warm up business, we made our way to Brokeback  for a hybrid Cooper.  Start at the bottom for 10 reps of 3 exercises (mercans, sumo squats, V-ups) and then to the top for 9 of each, back down for 8, etc. until we got to 1.  5 mountain laps total and man is that Devito getting harder to catch.  After the 6 got in, we made our way to the playground for two sets of all out lactic attack pull ups.  Rumors of 30 plus were muttered on that first set.

On to Grits Pavilion for 3 sets of descending dips and 6 count step ups and a race back to the flag with the last one owing 5 burpees.  YHC was last after Trebek gave a stiff arm out of nowhere.  Being a unified group, everyone joined the Q for 5 burps and we called it a day.

COT – Ongoing prayers for Pitstop in a tough stretch
Discussion about keeping active with EH’ing folks

Moleskin – Stifler continues to amaze wearing a t-shirt.  Granted the man has a lot more hair than many of us (okay, me), he is a tough SOB.
Speaking of tough, Good luck to Pellets on his 50 K this Saturday!  Man Fashion CSAUP style with minimal training and no taper.

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